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A very cute face to make your Monday a bit more tolerable

Hearkening back to the end of May when I spent some quality time with this little American Badger cub, its two siblings and its mother. A very special treat to get to see an animal that normally does an extraordinary job of staying out of sight.

The American Badger is a rarely seen creature found across the western and central United States, northern Mexico and southern Canada. Its preferred habitat includes grasslands where it can find it’s the prey it relies on to survive. Carnivorous, the badger is part of the same family that includes the wolverine, ferret and weasel. It is ferocious in its hunting ability choosing snakes, prairie dogs, mice and other residents of plains-like areas where it lives.

It is considered an endangered species in parts of Canada and a threatened species in some locations in the United States.

An American Badger cub checks out its surroundings.  (© Tony’s Takes)

An American Badger cub checks out its surroundings. (© Tony’s Takes)

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