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American Kestrel in flight

I love these little falcons – if only they were a bit more cooperative when it came to taking their picture. I did “cheat” a bit to get this nice shot of one.

This particular kestrel is named Ajax and is a captive bird owned by Nature’s Educators. It was at one time a falconry bird but was found to be blind in one eye and not suitable for hunting. Since it can’t hunt, it cannot survive on its own and now does outreach programs with the non-profit group.

Here it seen on one of a few flybys it did during a recent photo shoot event I attended.

While they are North America’s smallest falcon, don’t let their small size fool you. American Kestrels are very effective predators and just as vicious as any raptor.

A male American Kestrel takes to the skies. (© Tony’s Takes)

A male American Kestrel takes to the skies. (© Tony’s Takes)

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