I am pleased to offer 2024 calendars with some of the amazing animals, raptors, and landscapes I have captured with my camera over the past year. Whether you are struck by the sight of a majestic bald eagle, awed by sunrises and sunsets or amazed by the animals that we share the planet with, there is a wide variety of subjects to choose from.   

Two sizes are available – classic size is 8 1/2” X 11” and a premium size of 11 1/2” X 14” is as well. Both types are printed on quality heavyweight gloss photo papers and you can choose your preferred binding. They make great gifts for your loved ones – or you!

Scroll down to see a preview of the images in each and then click the button to order yours today! 

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Mammals 2024
From the power of moose and elk to red foxes, pronghorn and the American pika, the Mammals 2024 calendar covers some of North America’s most extraordinary animals. This 12 month calendar allows you to view the wonder of the animal kingdom of these creatures in their natural setting. All of these images were captured by me in 2023 and now grace this calendar.

Landscapes 2024The majesty and beauty that lies before our eyes oftentimes goes unnoticed. From mountaintops nearly three miles high to the plains far below, these images capture many such scenes. Over the course of 12 months you will see dramatic skies, wintry scenes, summer sunflowers and fall foliage. The Landscapes 2024 calendar takes you along on the journey with a series of compelling images.

Bald Eagles 2024The Bald Eagle is arguably the most majestic of birds in the sky.  The national emblem of the United States of America and spiritual symbol of native Americans, their pure white heads and brown bodies are distinctive and beautiful.  I have been privileged to photograph many of these amazing raptors in 2023 and the 2024 calendar features the ‘top shots.’

Raptors 2024From the common but beautiful ferruginous hawk to a rare golden eagle, the raptors calendar includes a wide range of species. All types of hawks, eagles, and falcons fall into the raptor category and each are impressive creatures unto their own right. The images in this calendar comprise my best captures of 12 different species.

Owls 2024Typically creatures of the night, owls are one of the most elusive creatures to photograph.  I have been fortunate to see many over the past year and this calendar reflects my best captures of them. The story book great horned owl is of course present as are the long-eared owl and burrowing owl.

Foxes 2024Foxes are a very common creature but not one often seen. I have always found them elusive and rarely do I get a chance to photograph them. In 2023 however, I was fortunate enough to have some sightings including one charmed encounter in the forest and a very cute and fun fox family in suburbia. This 2024 calendar has all my ‘top shots’ of these cool creatures. 

Order Tony's Takes calendars online.

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