Sunset scene from above Lake Como, Italy

Sunset scene from above Lake Como, Italy
Sunset colors the clouds over Lake Como, Italy. (© Tony’s Takes)

Following up on my “mini-me” picture from earlier today, this is a shot from the same spot taken that night so those of you that guessed Italy were right! This was quite close to Switzerland (which we did visit briefly as well) so those that guessed a Swiss scene were not far off.

We spent two weeks touring much of the northern half of Italy and into Switzerland by car. We hit all the usual ‘big spots’ you would expect as well as some lesser-known locations like this one. Our apartment in the Musso area was absolutely awesome with gorgeous scenes like this to start and finish the day.

You’ll have to forgive me for a few days while I share some pics from the trip which are not of the usual type of images you expect from me (although I do have some cool critters to share too). After that, I will be back to the more standard fare.

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