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Lesson of the day: Do photography for yourself

Fantastic advice for anyone who takes pictures! I’m going to bookmark this one and watch it when I get down on myself for feeling like I am not getting the pictures I think I should.

I do always say that I participate in photography for me primarily – that’s why I don’t regularly share my pics in photo groups. It is something I enjoy and it is a huge outlet for me.

Do I like it when I get bunches of complements or my photos get shared a lot? Of course. But, the focus (pun intended) really needs to be on doing it because you enjoy it, you relish the time spent getting those captures.

Don’t worry about what other photographers are doing, don’t worry about if yours are up to snuff. Just take that picture for yourself – and enjoy the moment!

There’s wildlife in there somewhere

One of the great parts about photography is getting to connect with other photographers. We chit chat, share tips, talk about whatever we are viewing and more. It can be a fun, social experience and almost all are courteous – almost all.

Every now and then you have someone that just doesn’t get it. Such was the case yesterday morning. I had found a nice viewing angle for some Moose when this guy walks up and sets up 10 feet directly in front of me totally blocking my angle. I said, “excuse me” and he looked back and then just kept on shooting.

There is certainly some etiquette out there and clearly this includes not blocking someone else’s shot, especially when they were there first. Thankfully these types of folks are few and far between out there in the field and in the end I did get some pretty cool images and didn’t let his rudeness ruin the day.

Blocked view. A photographer steps in the way rather than being courteous.   (© Tony’s Takes)

Blocked view. A photographer steps in the way rather than being courteous. (© Tony’s Takes)