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Squirrel faces off with a Bald Eagle

A very brave – or perhaps dumb – squirrel on this morning. Watching these two this morning was hilarious. The squirrel would approach and then the second the Bald Eagle looked at it, it would scamper back. The eagle would look away, the squirrel would approach. This went back and forth for five minutes. So funny! I shot mostly stills of the encounter but did switch to video briefly to capture some of it.

Video: Top shots from Summer 2017

The calendar says that is a wrap on summer 2017 and Mother Nature seems to agree given the change in the weather the last couple of days. I sat down this evening and put together a video collection of my favorite images from the season. Goodness. I am so thankful to have been able to capture images of such amazing creatures and scenes. I hope you enjoy the show!

Photo slideshow captures the Great American Eclipse

I don’t know how many “amazing” adjectives I can use to describe the solar eclipse last week and my being under the path of totality. More than a week later I still can’t believe it. The problem is that I don’t know how best to depict the photos I took of the event. The collage I shared last week did a good job I think and now I took some of the images and put them into a video slideshow. What do you think?

Video: Badger cubs at play

I always say I need to bring my video camera and just point it at whatever I am taking pictures of. Today I finally remembered and stuck it on top my truck while watching these three troublemakers. They were very rambunctious this morning while mom was off getting them breakfast. Wished I had it better centered on the action but I was busy taking regular pics at the same time.

Video: Burrowing Owl puts on a courtship display

As promised…. Very cool video of this Burrowing Owl. Best of all, some behavior not often seen as it performs a courtship display. He was hanging out on his burrow when another male nearby began a mating / courtship call. Not to be outdone, this owl hopped on top of a mullein plant and began calling as well. I took tons of pics but he was so cooperative I switched to video for a bit. It is kind of shaky as I was resting the camera on my truck window and zoomed in fully. Still fun to see and hear.

Video: Bald Eagle Top Shots 2016

One last recap video of some of my captures from 2016. Anyone who knows me well knows that there is one animal that I love to photograph and observe more than any other – Bald Eagles. Majestic, regal, fierce, graceful all come to mind when you think of these creatures and I will go just about anywhere and brave any conditions to photograph them. This video is a compilation of my ‘top shots’ of American’s symbol from the past year. See my wall for the videos from yesterday of my top shots for landscape and wildlife.

Video: Wildlife Top Shots 2016

We share this planet with so many amazing creatures, some of which I have had the privilege of capturing on ‘film’ over the past year. This is a look back at my wildlife ‘top shots’ from 2016 with raptors from hawks to eagles and #owls and mammals from bears to bison and bighorn. I hope you enjoy the look back! Best viewed in HD and full screen. ICYMI, I shared my landscape top shots earlier today so check that out too. Feel free to share.

Video: Landscape Top Shots 2016

Well, another year is just about in the books and for me, wow, it was quite an amazing one in terms of photography. I was able to capture beautiful scenes from right near home in Colorado to ones in the Canadian Rockies. I sat down last night and gathered up what I would call my landscape ‘top shots’ from the past year and compiled them into a video. I hope you enjoy it! Best viewed full screen. Feel free to share and be on the lookout for my wildlife top shots coming later today.