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White-tailed Jackrabbit plays hide and seek

Thanks to his big ears, Jack was never very good at hide and seek. 😉

I spotted quite a few White-tailed Jackrabbits recently on the Colorado plains but as usual, they took off running before I could even come to a stop. This guy thought he would be clever and hunkered down among some sagebrush not too far off the road. A rising sun behind him lit up those big old ears like a beacon though, effectively negating any camouflage he had.

Although this picture doesn’t convey it, these rabbits are very large. I kind of find them a bit disturbing, like something out of a horror flick.

A White-tailed Jackrabbit hides in the sagebrush on Colorado's plains. (© Tony’s Takes)

A White-tailed Jackrabbit hides in the sagebrush on Colorado’s plains. (© Tony’s Takes)

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