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Pronghorn buck stands proud on the plains

This handsome fellow was patrolling the Colorado plains this past weekend. Clearly an older buck judging by the size of his horns, he was willing to pose for a few pictures – but no more – before putting some distance between himself and I.

I actually ended up getting into a bit of a race with him as he showcased his incredible speed. After he walked off and got out of range, I continued on, turning on a perpendicular road looking for other wildlife. Next thing I know, he is on a hillside about 50 yards away running at full speed parallel to my truck – at just over 40 mph!

He raced alongside for a good half mile or so before peeling off to the other side of the hill. It was almost as if he was wanting to test his speed against me. 😉 I so wish I had been able to capture video and drive at the same time as it was absolutely impressive how fast and easily this speed demon was able to move across the grasslands. It was an amazing thing to see! Taken in Morgan County, Colorado.

A Pronghorn buck stands proudly on the plains of Colorado. (© Tony’s Takes)

A Pronghorn buck stands proudly on the plains of Colorado. (© Tony’s Takes)

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