Black bear cub stands tall to keep watch

Black bear cub stands tall to keep watch
A black bear cub stands tall to find its mom in Yellowstone National Park. (© Tony’s Takes)

Black bear cubs are quite small and I am sure everything else in their world seems so big to them. Mama had her little one safely tucked in a tree but when she moved off to graze, the cub did not care for the distance between them – especially when a monstrous bison bull began to approach.

The cub worked its way through grass taller than itself, intermittently standing up to check the location of the approaching bison. It made for a cute pic with the little cub standing up among the lush, early summer grasses, trying to spot mom.

While mom wasn’t initially too concerned about the bull, she eventually decided it was best to move on and she and the cub headed off, giving the big boy plenty of room.

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