Long-eared owl in the thick of things

Long-eared owl in the thick of things
A long eared owl is all eyes and ears as it keeps watch from its hiding place. (© Tony’s Takes)

Yesterday’s photo outing had me cover 160 miles and while it wasn’t nearly as productive as I had hoped, I did get to spend some time with these cool masters of camouflage in the 7 degree early morning temperatures (brrr!).

These cool owls bury themselves in the thickest of brush to conceal themselves and getting a clear shot of them is almost impossible. I had quite a few sightings yesterday but only a couple were in a spot where I could get any sort of decent pic, this being one of them.

While at this point it was clearly watching me, it also was pretty relaxed, dozing off at a couple of points during my encounter with it.

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