Regal bald eagle shows off

Regal bald eagle shows off
A regal bald eagle stands proudly at the top of a tree. (© Tony’s Takes)

Oh yeah, this guy was all that and a bag of chips to say the least! 😀

This is the male at my favorite bald eagle nest, puffing his chest out and letting us know he is large and in charge. He normally isn’t one to make himself so readily available for portrait work, preferring to play the tough guardian and keeping his distance. Sunday, much to my surprise, he opted to hang out right over the trail, surveying his domain and looking down on those pesky humans as they went by.

This will be the seventh year of me watching this nest and I can’t begin to describe how much enjoyment I have gotten out of it. To have witnessed the triumphs and tragedies over that time is something I treasure.

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