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Solar eclipse provides prime corona viewing

Such a treat to be able to capture not only the eclipse but also this rarely seen part of our Sun. This is actually a sequence of seven images, all taken at different exposures, stacked on top of each other using a technique called HDR – High Dynamic Range. Compiling images that were under, over and properly exposed all together allow a greater level of detail of the corona to be seen in photographs than what would otherwise be possible.

It truly was beautiful to witness in person and this image helps to capture it. Extending thousands of miles from the star’s surface, this area of plasma is the Sun’s outermost atmosphere. It is normally only visible during an eclipse or by using a specialized type of telescope called a coronagraph. The area is actually hotter than the surface of the sun with temperatures up to 18 million degrees Fahrenheit!

This image is available for purchase here.

An HDR image of the Great American Eclipse at totality showcases the sun's corona. (© Tony’s Takes)

An HDR image of the Great American Eclipse at totality showcases the sun’s corona. (© Tony’s Takes)

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