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Short but brilliant rainbow illuminates the Great Plains’ horizon

I have said it repeatedly and I will say it again: the plains of Colorado may be relatively flat but I will put the sights found there up against those of the higher terrain of the state any day of the week. This past Friday evening was another perfect example.

Thunderstorms passed nearby where we were camping and once past, the scene that unfolded was nothing short of extraordinary. Beautiful blue skies above with dramatic storm clouds below were punctuated by one of the brightest rainbows I have ever seen in my life. The multi-colored stream was not very tall but it was very wide and very bright.

My pictures of it truly don’t do it justice – it was nothing short of extraordinary.

A brilliant partial rainbow descends from a thunderstorm on Colorado's Great Plains.  (© Tony’s Takes)

A brilliant partial rainbow descends from a thunderstorm on Colorado’s Great Plains. (© Tony’s Takes)

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