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A precious, wet face for Moose Monday

A couple of weeks ago I came across this young one and its mama when both took me by surprise. There was a massive bull on one side of the road and as I walked along the road toward it and lift my camera to take a picture, I hear rustling behind me. Startled, I whip around to find the two of them on the opposite of the thick brush that lined the road.

While they took me by surprise, neither seemed to care much about the bipedal lifeform right near them. I of course backed off, giving all three a wide birth. Thankfully the young one stepped into a bit of a clearing allowing me to get this nice portrait. It had snowed the night before and more snow was falling at the time, hence it being so wet.

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A Moose calf is a bit wet following one of the first snows of the season in Colorado's high country.  (© Tony’s Takes)

A Moose calf is a bit wet following one of the first snows of the season in Colorado’s high country. (© Tony’s Takes)

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