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Just a little bit too much zoom on an Osprey flyover

Not sure who was more surprised – this intruding male Osprey or me! I was observing a mated pair of Osprey at their nest in Weld County, Colorado when they suddenly became very agitated.

That is a sure sign of an intruder of some kind and sure enough, I spotted another male Osprey flying around. He clearly had thoughts of booting the husband from the home, making many low, fast passes over the mated pair.

On one, I had my face stuck in my camera as he approached and with that limited perspective it is sometimes hard to gauge just how close something is. Well, clearly pretty darned close in this case! 😀

The intruder flew not 10 feet over my head as he made another harassing pass at the nest, staring right at me as he did so. He was pretty backlit and I cut off the ends of the ends of the wings but it makes for a fun capture I think.

Closeup of a male Osprey as it flies overhead. (© Tony’s Takes)

Closeup of a male Osprey as it flies overhead. (© Tony’s Takes)

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