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Osprey extends the gear and flaps and prepares for landing

I haven’t posted too many pics of these awesome raptors this year simply because I just have not had too many photo ops with them. This pic dates back to the end of April when this male and its mate were setting up a home in northern Colorado.

They were very busy getting their summer residence ready and here, he returns to the nest showcasing those impressive talons and wide wingspan. By now, any young ones they had are likely flying or very close to doing so.

Osprey can be found across much of North and South America, only staying year-round in Florida and the Baja California area. Winters are spent in South America and along the Gulf Coast while they summer in the northern third of North America.

These beautiful raptors are known for their amazing dives into the water as they try to snag their prey. They are larger than most hawks and striking in their appearance with dark brown and white plumage and bright yellow eyes.

A male Osprey comes in for a landing in Firestone, Colorado. (© Tony’s Takes)

A male Osprey comes in for a landing in Firestone, Colorado. (© Tony’s Takes)

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