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Turkey tom casts its evil eyes at the photographer

Certainly wild Turkeys will never win a beauty contest but can they look evil and mean? Apparently so as this picture of one I captured on Sunday shows. 😉

My run-in with this guy and 12 of his rafter-mates was a highly unusual one as they actually were making their way through my very suburban neighborhood. Seeing Turkeys in more rural areas isn’t unusual but having them come through a spot like this was highly unusual. I am guessing they came from a nearby open space about a mile or so away.

Anyway, the encounter allowed me to get some great captures of these birds although many do show signs of suburbia so are not necessarily great wildlife shots.

The unusual appearance of the eyes is because I happened to capture the bird as its nictitating membrane was closed. The membrane is a third eyelid that some birds, reptiles and sharks have. The translucent eyelid provides protection and serves to wipe the eye clean. Taken in Thornton, Colorado.

A Turkey tom looks rather scary as its second eyelid closes. (© Tony’s Takes)

A Turkey tom looks rather scary as its second eyelid closes. (© Tony’s Takes)

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