Paying respects on Memorial Day 2015

As I watched this man at Fort Logan National Cemetery this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder who he was there to see. He was clearly moved as his eyes went between the grave and the flag.

Perhaps a grandfather that had served in the Battle of the Bulge and demonstrated extraordinary heroism against an enemy onslaught?

A high school buddy who he went to Vietnam with but whose life was cut short in a God-forsaken jungle?

Perhaps a son, daughter, niece or nephew who went to a foreign land seeking vengeance against those who dared harm our nation on 9/11?

I saw many people there today while I visited my dad and a few others I knew. All of the visitors undoubtedly have stories to tell about those buried on this hallowed ground, just as I do. It is humbling to walk among those who have served and sacrificed in defense of our great nation. May God bless the United States of America.

Paying respects on Memorial Day 2015
A man stands alone, paying his respects to the fallen at Fort Logan National Cemetery. (© Tony’s Takes)

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