Rocky Mountain reflections

ocky Mountain reflections
The waters on a lake in northern Colorado reflect Mount Meeker and Longs Peak. (© Tony’s Takes)

An unexpected, beautiful scene this past Sunday.

I arrived at my first photo stop of the day at this lake in northern Colorado, hoping to photograph some birds. While they were there and I was taking pics of them, I looked to the west and was struck by the near perfect reflection on the water.

As is par for my luck, I didn’t have my wide-angle landscape gear with me so I sprinted back to my truck, grabbed what I needed, then ran back to the spot and began snapping pics. Glad I did!

It was a nice view of the foothills and of course, dominating front and center was 13,916 foot high Mount Meeker with the 14,259 foot Longs Peak behind it. I could stare for hours at scenes like this – and oftentimes do.

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