Sunrise on Kachemak Bay

Sunrise on Kachemek Bay
The sun rises in the sky over Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska. (© Tony’s Takes)

When I flipped my calendar to December a few days ago, this is the image that greeted me and surprisingly, it is one that I have never shared on here.

Taken on July 31, 2019 in Homer, Alaska, it was one of our last days on what was an amazing trip to our 49th state. It was also my wife’s and mine 26th wedding anniversary. This trip was originally supposed to be for our 25th but had been postponed a year due to other commitments. The wait, was well worth it.

I had promised her a nice, lazy day with no crazy wildlife viewing excursions and definitely not any early morning wakeups – just a fun, relaxing day exploring this quirky town. Sticking to my word, I quietly got ready while she slept in, brewed some coffee, stepped out from the RV and looking to the east, this was the view.

Yes, I absolutely grabbed my camera and while I did snap some pictures, most of my time that early morning was spent just sitting, looking, drinking that coffee, soaking in the once-in-a-lifetime view and thanking God that He brought that beautiful woman into my life.

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