An Amazing Encounter with a Visitor from the Arctic

Opportunities like this don’t come along often. I was driving the back roads of Adams County, Colorado when I see a Rough Legged Hawk sitting on a ‘No Passing Zone’ sign.

I was a bit late spotting it so stopped closer than what I normally would but the hawk didn’t seem to mind. After snapping a bunch of pics I get out and walk closer and then a bit closer still. The hawk totally ignores me – looking around, preening, stretching – never once did it acknowledge I was there.

Needless to say, I snapped a ton of pictures as I circled around it. I became a bit worried it might be injured so I went and sat in my truck and just watched it for a while. Thankfully it eventually flew off and hunted a nearby field for a good while before perching in a tree.

In the end, I got some very cool captures of this Arctic visitor. Scroll down to view the complete series.

A Rough Legged Hawk looks skyward.  (© Tony’s Takes)
A Rough Legged Hawk looks skyward. (© Tony’s Takes)

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