Bald eagle finds itself under siege from magpies

Bald eagle finds itself under siege from magpies
A quartet of magpies descend on a bald eagle they think has a meal. (Tony’s Takes)

A fun capture from a random encounter a couple of weeks ago.

I was coming home after running by the grocery store and saw two eagles hanging out in an area open space. That, of course, required investigation so I flipped a u-turn to check them out.

The pair was hanging out in a great blue heron rookery and, oddly enough, one was going and grabbing sticks and grasses to add to one of the nests. Here, the eagle lands on the ground, grabbing grass in its talons.

The magpies thought perhaps there might be a meal to be had and quickly swooped in on the eagle, something it did not appreciate one bit as you might imagine. It made some noise and soon flew back with its grass. The magpies were left disappointed. 😉 

It should be noted that I have not seen the eagle pair at that spot since. I am sure them adding to a heron nest was just some play time or perhaps one trying to woo the other as a potential mate.

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