Launching into the New Year be like that

Launching into the New Year be like that
A bald eagle launches into the air, staying focused on its destination. (© Tony’s Takes)

Well, of course a bald eagle was the best I found on the first day of 2024! 😀

The morning excursion was not going so great with few critters gracing my lens. As I worked my way back home, I took a different route than normal, opting for a slower route but one with less traffic. That turned out to be very fortuitous as I happened across this handsome fellow and his female companion.

They gave me some nice poses and then he leapt into action. I had a sense that he was getting ready to go so I was ready. Most of the pictures of the launch came out quite nice but this is my favorite.

I love the focused look in his eyes and the aggressive posture of the wings. Let’s all enter the new year that way – focused and ready to kick butt!

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