Little black bear gives an adorable look

Little black bear gives an adorable look
A young black bear chows down on acorns in the Colorado Front Range foothills. (Tony’s Takes)

How about this cutie?

Even with the extraordinary amount of time I spend in nature, it has been pretty rare for me to see a black bear here at home in Colorado. They are quite common, just not commonly seen.

Two weekends ago, I got word that a number of them had moved to some lower elevations in the hunt for food to fatten up before their long winter’s slumber. That was, of course, an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

It was a bit of a trek but I did end up finding this cute, young bear as it gorged on acorns. It was a lot of fun to watch it as it climbed the trees, getting its fill. At one point the little one even fell out of the tree when it ventured too far out on a limb.

Judging by its size, it likely was only two years old, having just gotten the boot from mama and now out on its own. While it looks like I was close, the image was shot at 500mm and has been cropped. As always, I ensured I maintained a respectful distance and did not pressure the bear or linger.

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