“Oh crud! He’s still there!”

“Oh crud! He’s still there!”
A bald eagle peers over a snow-covered hill at an intruder. (© Tony’s Takes)

Yeah, I don’t think this bald eagle much appreciated my presence. In fact, it tried to hide from me – truly.

It was initially perched at the top of the hill and after letting me grab some quick pics, it purposefully walked down the opposite side of the hill. I sat tight, hoping I might catch it flying off but instead, it popped its head back up, looking right at me! So funny I was absolutely giggling as I shot the picture.

I’ll share pics of it posing regally on top of the hill later. It was a beautiful scene with the fresh snow and mountains in the background. This was a long, long shot so while the pics won’t be good for any big prints, it at least came out well enough to share online along with the fun story.

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