“Oh deer! Where did you come from?”

“Oh deer! Where did you come from?”
A white-tailed deer doe pays close attention. (Tony’s Takes)

I caught this pretty white-tailed deer doe and her yearling off guard this past weekend.

I was in my usual hiding spot, pretty well concealed as I monitored a bald eagle nest. As I sat there, I saw the two of them approach, entirely oblivious to my presence. It was just one of those nice moments I experience when I am in the field. A quiet, chilly morning along the river with the only sounds being of the water and birds.

The pair of deer walked along lazily and I enjoyed soaking in the scene. As they got close, I quietly, slowly lifted my camera. That movement was just enough to get mama’s attention as you can see in this image. Needless to say, once she realized I was there, she didn’t linger long.

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