Sneak attack!

Sneak attack!
A red fox kit prepares to jump on an unsuspecting sibling. (© Tony’s Takes)

Oh my goodness! Check out these two cuties! I decided I couldn’t wait until Fox Friday to share at least one image from my photo session yesterday with this family.

I learned about this den last year but never went to it as I had closer alternatives. This year, as I have struggled to find any dens, I decided it was worth the drive.

As many as 11 kits have been seen in this spot although I only saw three plus mama and a nanny. That was okay though as they put on quite a show with the kits playing being the highlight.

Here, one kit was gnawing on what appeared to be a rabbit’s foot, oblivious to the danger behind it. The second kit very stealthily approached and pounced on the other’s back, setting off a big chase. So much fun to watch and so stinking cute!

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