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The super blue blood moon over Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

I took a couple hours off of work today so I could come in late to capture the lunar eclipse. For two hours I froze my you-know-what-off to capture the event from Barr Lake State Park, Colorado State Parks.

Unfortunately I am less than happy with my zoomed in pics of the event. I suspect I did a poor job manually focusing.

However, as things came to an end, I took a wider view of the scene capturing this one. Below, the frozen lake and lights from the Front Range with those snow-capped mountains behind. Above, a wave cloud and of course that blood moon.

View all my images from this celestial event below the image.

The January 2018 total lunar eclipse is seen above Colorado's Rocky Mountains. (© Tony’s Takes)

The January 2018 total lunar eclipse is seen above Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. (© Tony’s Takes)

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