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Harris’s Hawk prepares for landing

A cool image I haven’t shared before from a raptor photo shoot I did last year. It was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with some birds and get shots that you normally would not be able to get. In this case, it was even better by being a hawk that I had never seen in person before as they don’t live in Colorado.

Harris’s Hawks were previously known as bay-winged hawks or dusky hawks but John James Audubon gave it its present name in honor of his friend and supporter Edward Harris.

These birds are primarily found in arid climates like the desert Southwest and Mexico. They are unusual in that they are very social, living and hunting cooperatively with each other in packs.

A Harris's Hawk comes in for a landing. (© Tony’s Takes)

A Harris’s Hawk comes in for a landing. (© Tony’s Takes)

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