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Turkey Vulture performs flyover

This is one bird that I hadn’t had much luck finding and getting pictures of this spring yet. Lucky for me, one found me this past weekend and not only flew over but then circled a few times above. I’m not entirely sure what it was looking at but something on the ground seemed to have its attention as it seemed to contemplate coming in for a landing.

These buzzards may be ugly but I think they are cool as heck. You will often see them soaring high in the sky in large groups – appropriately called a ‘wake’ – looking for their next meal. They feed on carrion they find lying around dead like rabbits, prairie dogs and such and are believed to be able to smell the dead animals up to a mile away. Their role of garbage man helps to prevent the spread of disease from carcasses.

A Turkey Vulture looks below for an easy meal.  (© Tony’s Takes)

A Turkey Vulture looks below for an easy meal. (© Tony’s Takes)

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