A double-dose of cuteness for Fox Friday

A double-dose of cuteness for Fox Friday
A pair of red fox kits share a tender moment. (© Tony’s Takes)

It is that time of year. From now through the next several weeks, fox kits will begin making their first appearances in the world and thus become a quest of mine to seek them out and photograph them. How could I not? There isn’t hardly anything cuter!

Should you know of any dens in the Denver metro area or northern Colorado Front Range, I would absolutely welcome a tip (please PM). I would certainly compensate you with prints of the little ones or of any other critter that I have photographed that you prefer. Please do keep me in mind should you find any!

This cute pair harkens back to the spring of 2020 when some foxes in my area made their den in a drainage pipe. They have not been there since but I well-remember the many evenings spent photographing them.

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