Burrowing owl stays focused on the photographer in flight

Burrowing owl stays focused on the photographer in flight
A burrowing owl stays focused on the photographer while in flight in Adams County, Colorado. (© Tony’s Takes)

Well, this guy had eyes for me for sure. 😉 

We had challenging photo conditions most of this past weekend with heavily overcast skies and rain. That did not stop me from venturing out and Monday found me on the northeastern Colorado plains observing burrowing owls.

This handsome fellow proved to be the best photo subject of the day, giving me some great poses and, best of all, some flight shots. Here, he relocates himself closer to me and in fact ended up only about 10 feet away.

I always struggle with flight shots of these little owls as they are so fast and small and the camera has a hard time picking them out of the background. This time, things came together for a pretty cool shot.

Right now the females are spending most of their time in the nest, keeping eggs warm. Those will hatch in a few weeks then, a few weeks after that, we should start seeing the little ones emerge.

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