“Does he see me?”

“Does he see me?”
A badger cub keeps a cautious watch in Morgan County, Colorado. (© Tony’s Takes)

An American badger cub hunkers down at its home, hopeful that the photographer didn’t see it. Clearly I did!

I have recently been organizing some older photos and came across this one from July 2017 that I have never shared. We were camping on Colorado’s northeastern plains and as usual I was up at dawn and out looking for critters to photograph.

Taking one of my favorite back road routes, I was going slow as I passed this prairie dog colony looking for burrowing owls. Seeing movement far in the distance I stopped and much to my surprise there were two badgers, clearly mom and a cub. Mom dove down into the hole almost immediately but the youngster was a bit braver and stuck around just long enough for me to grab a couple captures.

This was actually the last time I have gotten images of these elusive creatures. Hopefully this summer I can finally find some more.

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