Friday funny: Spider sends photographer onto his butt

Friday funny: Spider sends photographer onto his butt
An Apache jumping spider takes a leap. (© Tony’s Takes)

So here is your chance to laugh at me.

This cool dude was hanging out on one of our patio chairs just a bit ago. I ran inside, grabbed my camera, mounted my macro lens and came out and started snapping pics. I was squatting down with the end of my lens hood was only five or six inches from the spider and I don’t think it liked that because it jumped right down the hood!

This is the image I got just as it leaped into the air. That startled me as I was worried the dang thing had landed on me, and I fell backwards, right onto my butt.

My wife, worried I would panic, yells, “Don’t throw that camera!” LOL! I didn’t throw it, thankfully, and gently got it out but, boy, it sure did startle me.  😀 

This is apparently an Apache jumping spider – and clearly it can jump. Kind of a cool looking dude.

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