Screech owl posing with fall foliage

Screech owl posing with fall foliage
An eastern screech owl (captive) poses with beautiful fall foliage in the background. (© Tony’s Takes)

Well, now look at this little cutie. I have photographed these owls in the wild numerous times before but always with them sitting in a tree cavity and often with their eyes closed as they sleep during the day.

Yesterday I took part in a raptor photo shoot with a local non-profit, HawkQuest , and their captive eastern screech owl was one of the subjects. This gave me the opportunity to photograph one out in the open and wide awake.

I only do these types of events every couple of years. Certainly I don’t usually need help find photo subjects in the wild but the chance to photograph these cool birds in a controlled environment is nice. It allows me to take my time working on composition and exposure, a luxury you don’t usually get with a wild bird. There were some other cool birds as well and you will be seeing them in the days to come.

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