The chase is on as female bald eagle tries to steal her mate’s meal

The chase is on as female bald eagle tries to steal her mate’s meal
A pair of bald eagles chase each other with the snow-covered Rocky Mountains in the background. (© Tony’s Takes)

Well now that was a fun bit of action earlier this week and a good share for Freedom Friday!

I was observing a pair of bald eagles in a suburban area with both initially sitting in a tree. Soon, the male disappeared down into a prairie dog colony and returned to the opposite side of the road with one of the rodents for a meal. He perched on a pole and was able to enjoy about half of his lunch undisturbed but then, his mate decided he needed to share.

She swooped in fast, hoping to snag an easy meal but he was not ready to give it up. A chase ensued with the two of them diving and twirling through the sky, the male keeping the prairie dog firmly in his talons. They eventually disappeared off into the distance so I don’t know if he ended up being nice and sharing or not. 😉 

The pics of the chase were taken from quite a long ways away so they aren’t the best but you can get a sense of the action – if you look close you can see the prairie dog in the male’s talons (lower eagle). Throw in those snow-capped Rocky Mountains and it isn’t a bad pic given how far away the action was.

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