Bald eagle joins its mate on a beautiful fall day

Bald eagle joins its mate on a beautiful fall day
A male bald eagle lands next to its mate. (© Tony’s Takes)

This past Saturday I was looking to get out and stretch my legs and wanting to do something different from my recent excursions. I hadn’t visited with my favorite pair of bald eagles since their little one fledged back in July and while it was a long shot they would be around, I figured the hike would at least do me some good.

As I was walking in before sunrise, the male came flying the opposite direction, heading off to hunt I would guess. Getting closer to their home, I found the pretty lady, perched and enjoying the solitude. She didn’t stay long, soon relocating to their favorite perch on the opposite side of the river.

I followed along, pulling up a spot on the river bank, and just sat, enjoying the crisp air and beautiful morning. She gave me some nice captures over the next couple of hours as she posed, preened, and stretched.

Just as I was getting read to pack it in, I spot the male, coming in fast to join his mate. I was able to track him perfectly as he approached, circled behind the tree and landed right next to her.

This image is from the instant before those impressive talons grabbed the branch and he landed next to his beautiful bride. It is probably my favorite capture from the morning. With his wings spread wide and legs extended, you really get a great look at these impressive creatures.

Random thought… I used to try to come up with names for the eagles I routinely saw but then would forget what I had decided to call them the next time. This pair though, I have decided I am going to call Jack and Jill, if only because I figure I can remember those names with as much time as I spend with them through the year. 😉

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