While mom dines, dad works on home improvement

While mom dines, dad works on home improvement
A male bald eagle delivers some grass to its nest while its mate looks on. (Tony’s Takes)

A fun capture from a couple weeks ago at this bald eagle nest. The female had left for a while, returning about a half hour later with a bird in her talons (looked like a coot).

While she sat in the nest and ate, her mate decided that was a good time to do some home repairs. He brought a couple of sticks to add to the family home and here, a fistful of grass. It was quite breezy so he approached from behind the nest and floated in right next to her without hardly a flap of his wings.

You will also notice she was being a bit of a messy eater judging from that blood on her beak. 😉 Within another week or two she should be sitting on eggs in there.

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